Jorie Clark



I am an ex-Mainer ex-teacher who decided to pursue a better, warmer life. In the spring of 2015 I drove across the country to San Francisco. After playing around with code, I decided that was the career path I wanted to take. I committed myself to this outcome and enrolled in the Galvanize Full-Stack Web Immersive program to gain a thorough understanding of programming.

I have been working as a Software Engineer at OpenTable since January 2016. I work on the front-end search team primarly doing A/B tests. I most often work with Sass, EJS and jQuery and am the point person for the search results UI, working closely with Design, Product, and fellow Node engineers on my team.


I am particularly interested in front end development. I believe the website needs to function seamlessly, be intuitive and be aesthetically pleasing for a user to want to interact with it. If this is not done then the user will not use the site, not take the content seriously, and any all the work put into the site will go unnoticed and unappreciated. When I work on my sites, I keep design concepts and responsivity in mind.

Some technologies I've worked with:

sass HTML5 CSS3Bootstrap Responsive Web Design Logo javascriptjQuery AJAX JSON git Angular.js Node.js express npm bower ruby rails postgresql


(Both large and little)

At this point in time I have built a couple of sites from scratch, including this one, as well as some class projects. This site in particular is made with pure HTML and CSS. If you would like to see more of my work, you can check out my Github.

Sassy CV

SassyCV aims to take the regular old resume experience and make it into something a bit more interesting to look at. It is a single page app with optional themes and layouts to create a resume. I used Skeleton as a boilerplate with a lot of Sass to embellish it. Angular.js handles the functionality while taking advantage of the browser's built-in print and save functionality to create PDFs. SassyCV has different themes and layouts to choose from, as well as a custom drag and drop for a DIY layout.

sassycv is a website that allows anyone with a github to share snippets with other developers. This is a full-stack project using Ruby on Rails that I completed with two other developers.


Handmade by Hand

I reskinned my father's printmaking website, Currently, the website has no interactivity nor is it responsive. I am working on fixed this along with making it mobile friendly and interactive.

influences accordian

Very Simple Blog

Made a basic CRUD site with a many to many association using Ruby on Rails.


Pokemon Game

I'm a 90s kid at heart. I used AngularJS and the pokeapi to create a simple pokemon game.


Catch 'em all!


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JS Pixel Art Maker

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General Information

I am not currently looking for a position right now as I am happily employeed at OpenTable.

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